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Minóy is a rescue operation with several life rafts. Minóy-the-book, Published by Punctum Books in 2014, provides an introduction and overview to the important noise music artist Minóy - the pseudonym of American electronic art musician and sound artist Stanley Keith Bowsza (1951-2010). Minóy's audio compositions, often conjuring up an enigmatic world of almost dreadful depth, earned him a key position in the homemade independent cassette culture scene of the 1980s.

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Minóy Torrance, California

Minóy produced some of the most remarkably engrossing, beautiful and imaginative work-of-art albums released on cassette in the 1980s. His music is a form of labyrinthian droning collage electronics that produces an otherworldly effect. It is a form of highly textured, manipulated and layered noise that often creates a sonic painting-like effect. ... more

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